Decadent Coffee started with "Yuck! We've waited over a year for this batch of Kona Extra Fancy and that __ (you may fill in the blanks, if you like!) cut it with Sumatra Mandheling". We are spoiled when it comes to coffee and this Kona topped off the stale tasting over-priced gourmet coffee that we had purchased earlier that week at a fancy outlet store. Jim began reading up on roasting, talking to roasters that were willing to share their experience with him about roasting coffee beans and spend a lot of time just watching how others were roasting their beans. Many note pads later and almost a year after we had talked about roasting our own coffee beans the plan went into action:
We placed an order for green coffee beans and purchased a timer and several other gizmos that we thought might come in handy. For our first few roasts we used a popcorn popper and our attempts at roasting were accompanied by the annoying chirping of a fire alarm. We improved our technique the following week: The batteries were removed from the fire alarm while roasting and a fire extinguisher was strategically placed between a modified turbo oven and the nearest exit. Green Beans

We began supplying friends and neighbors with small batches of fresh roasted coffee beans and quickly realized we needed a larger roaster to keep up with the demand, because every single sample that we gave out caused inquiries for more and larger quantities.

Bag after bag of green beans arrived and small batches of them were roasted and tested (some refer to that as "cupping"). Profile after profile was developed and batches were tested again. In all honesty, we don't share the enthusiasm of some for certain coffees and eliminated many from our inventory that were bland or simply not palatable.

Decadent Coffee is a small family operated coffee roaster and we do not stock excessive quantities of coffee to ensure that our coffees are always fresh. It is our goal to present you with a coffee that is clean, pure and will leave you looking forward to a second cup. Only our Specialty coffees (the "House Blends") are a blend of a number of different coffees to achieve a unique taste. Any other coffee that you find on these pages is 100% exactly what it states to be and as such a pure self-indulgent pleasure.

We hope you'll agree with us, after trying the one or the other of our coffees that we offer on these pages, that these coffees are indeed great tasting.

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Decadent Coffee