"My coffee does not taste like described on your website."

The descriptions on our website rely on actual taste tests, and the preparation of our coffees is the key to producing great tasting coffee. We use non-chlorinated and non-fluoride containing water. The water is brought to a boil then left to cool to 200 degree before being poured over the freshly ground coffee.

"My coffee tastes sour."

Some of our coffees (those with high acidity) do have a little bit of a twang. When coffees with low acidity have a sour taste, this is often caused by either not reaching a high enough water temperature while preparing your coffee, using water that tastes sour on its own, or using coffee grounds that are not fine enough for your brewing method.

"Do you have flavored coffees?

We have a small selection of flavored coffees. Some are flavored using organic spices, others are flavored using flavoring aditives specifically developed for use on coffee beans. Read the descriptions on the Product pages for more information insofar.

"Is there more caffeine in the coffees with higher acidity?"

No. Acidity of coffee does not indicate how much caffeine is in the coffee.

"How should I store my coffee?"

Your coffee keeps best in an airtight container in a dark and cool place.

"How long will my coffee stay fresh?"

Coffee tastes best during the first approx. 2 weeks.

"I would love to drink a cup of coffee, but I need to get some sleep ... which coffee should I choose?"

Try Kona. While Kona has an extraordinarily rich flavor, it will not give you the jitters. Rather, Kona has an almost calming effect.

If you would like to pair a calming coffee with an extraordinary aroma, you might also wish to give Ethiopian Yirgacheffe a try.

"I need to be alert ... which coffee should I choose?"

Triple X, Tri-Blend, JumpStart and Chai-Fee are all high in caffeine and will give you that extra energy when needed.

AfterShock is very high in caffeine and is the perfect companion for situations that require you to be on your toes way past your bedtime.

"Why would I want to buy beans rather than ground coffee?"

Coffee beans will stay true to their taste for longer than ground coffee. If you do wish to purchase ground coffee, make sure to select the correct grade grind for your method of brewing.


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